A discussion on why napoleon lost the campaign of 1812

The result of the campaign was a surprise. This was mentioned in many of the memoirs of the campaign and was a frozen hill that most of the horses couldn't cope with. By 2pm the leading French troops had run into the outposts of General Neverovsky's division, which had been posted south-west of Smolensk at Krasnyi to guard against a possible French attack.

In addition to poor roads, the agricultural base was extremely poor and could not support the numbers of soldiers that would be living off the land. The French also had the 37, men of IX Corps under Marshal Victor around Smolensk, defending the long and vulnerable lines of communications against Cossack raids, 26, conscripts at Stettin and 10, men near Konigsberg.

Alexander knew this, however, and adopted a clever strategy: On 25 November Napoleon scouted south of the river in person, and was very nearly captured by Cossacks. France's economy, army morale, and political support at home had noticeably declined.

By now the army was already down to 41, effectives, so had lost more than half of its strength since leaving Moscow. This in itself would not be too great of a detriment, except for the impact on those units that were still intact.

French invasion of Russia

He proved to be a poor choice. The offensive quickly broke down. No offer ever came. While a soldier could march 15 - 20 miles a day, a supply wagon was generally limited to about 10 - 12 miles a day.

The delegates returned to Moscow empty handed. Instead Napoleon decided to launch a series of frontal assaults on Smolensk August On 19 December he set out for Tilsit, harassed by the Russians as he went.

The army began to move on 25 August, in three columns so that it could deploy and fight quickly if the Russians did make a stand. The entire Russian campaign, in fact, was actually aimed at Britain. Petersburg and instead had his own couriers take their letter to the Tsar, along with one of his own advising the Tsar not to enter negotiations.

The Prussians and Austrians would be even more likely to change sides as indeed they did, although not until very close to the end of the retreat.

The target was Vitebsk, about miles to the east of Drissa. Junot nearly got between the two Russian forces, but moved too slowly, while a French attack on the Russian rearguard at Valutino 19 August failed. Davout reached Minsk on 8 July, and only now did it become clear that Bagration was much further south.

Therefore I have shown some reasons why Napoleon had lost the Campaign of to Russia. However, Napoleon did not lose the war out of military errors but of a simple miscalculation - a miscalculation that was made by Hitler a century later. Napoleon believed that if he occupied Moscow, the Russian government would collapse and he.

The Russian Campaign and Napoleon's Defeat Summary. In JuneNapoleon led his army into Russia. His army was made up of soldiers from the several nations now under his control.

French invasion of Russia

Napoleon expected a short war, to punish Czar Alexander I for his misbehavior in leaving the Continental System. Napoleon took aroundmen into Russia. Sep 07,  · Suppose, for whatever reason, Napoleon dies ina year after his son was born.

Say he falls off his horse on the way to Russia. What happens. Why Napoleon’s Russian Campaign Failed This is the last post the series on Napoleon’s Russian Campaign. It discusses the reasons why it failed, which relate mainly to logistics.

Napoleon's Russian Campaign of was one of the greatest disasters in military history.

Disease, Starvation, and the Brutal Russian Winter – Why Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Failed

Napoleon invaded Russia at the head of an army of overmen but by the start of only 93, of them were still alive and with the army.

Feb 11,  · Why Napoleon’s Russian Campaign Failed This is the last post the series on Napoleon’s Russian Campaign. It discusses the reasons why it.

Reasons on Why Napoleon Had Lost the Campaign of 1812 A discussion on why napoleon lost the campaign of 1812
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Napoleon's Russian Campaign of