Raise the age

Raise the Age

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation last month raising the age at which youth are prosecuted as adults. Facing Future, and the Tow Foundation for their continuing commitment to this issue.

Is New York City ready to implement Raise the Age?

Prominent activists like Shaun King helped galvanize public support on social media and faith communities rallied behind the legislation by holding events.

Most youth in the system are behind in school and suffer from severe behavioral health needs.

Raise the Age Implementation Task Force Members Announced

InConnecticut raised the age at which individuals could be punished as adults. About the Legislation The critical provisions for raising the age of criminal responsibility will occur in two stages. All and year-olds who commit non-violent crimes will receive the intervention and evidence-based treatment they need.

By OctoberNew York will no longer automatically prosecute and year-olds as adults. The state will also create a Raise the Age implementation task force.

Next “Raise the Age” battle will be making sure some felonies remain in law

Facing Future multimedia project were produced by the Correctional Association of New York in collaboration with the wonderful creative team of Emily Whitfield, Marshall Reese videographerand Harry Zernike photographer and book designer.

In addition, evidence exists that in some Connecticut jurisdictions, officer, rather than juvenile, behavior was impacted by this law change. Next, by analyzing National Incident-Based Reporting System NIBRS data for a subset of Connecticut's local jurisdictions, we examine changes in age-specific juvenile arrests and changes in age-specific juvenile offending.

But that too, can do harm. There, he spent approximately days out of 1, in solitary confinement, before he was ultimately released five days after his 20th birthday.

Appendix 1A Appendix 1A provides annual county-level estimates for probation intake, based on the projected phase-in of 16 and year-olds. Prosecuting youth as adults is harmful to children, threatens public safety, and is expensive. Young people will no longer be permitted to be housed in adult facilities or jails.

The OJI will oversee the Unified Court System workgroup to implement legislation raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York through its full enactment in It should be noted that Raise the Age legislation does not prohibit juveniles from being committed to the adult penal system for punishment—especially for particularly heinous crimes such as murder and rape.

This places young people in the adult correctional system, an environment that leaves them vulnerable. Most year-olds entering the criminal justice system were charged with non-violent offenses.

‘Raise the age’ provision part of House-Senate budget deal

Raise the Age does not ensure that all youth under 18 stay in the juvenile justice system, but requires at least that the majority start in this age-appropriate system. A summary of the Major Findings of this report are definitely alarming:.

New York is one of only two states in our nation to set the age of criminal responsibility at For certain crimes, a child as young as 13 can also be adjudicated as an adult.

In these instances, childhood decisions could have a devastating effect on the lives of many young men and women. May 10, NY’s Successful Raise the Age Campaign. After years of advocacy, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation last month that raises of the age of criminal responsibility to years-old, with a two stage phase-in process.

The State of New York does not imply approval of the listed destinations, warrant the accuracy of any information set out in those destinations, or endorse any opinions expressed therein. Raise the age, which was signed into law in Aprildiverts and year-old defendants to Family Court or to judges who are specially trained to deal with children.

Far from being a milestone of progressive policy, raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 was a long-due fix to a backward justice system that for decades had. Over the past ten years, half of the states that had previously excluded all and/or year-olds from juvenile court based solely on their age have changed their laws so that most youth under age 18 who touch the justice system will fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system.

Raising the age of criminal responsibility would start kids off in the juvenile system, and allow judges to transfer those with the most violent offenses to the adult system. During the Missouri Legislative session, “Raise the Age” was unanimously approved by a voice vote in the Missouri House.

Raise the age
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Is New York City ready to implement Raise the Age? | NYN