The details of the iran contra affair and its impact on the united states

The FSLN fared considerably better in larger urban areas, winning a significant number of departmental capitals including - Managua. Later, a battalion of the U. As disappointed as I may be in some who served me, I'm still the one who must answer to the American people for this behavior. The officer says that he was totally focused on getting the job done.

History of Nicaragua

Almost from the time he took office ina major goal of the Reagan administration was the overthrow of the left-wing Sandinista government in Nicaragua and to support the Contra rebels.

Air Force officer turned arms dealer Richard Secord that supplied arms to the Contras. Since it was late in the campaigning season, the Lydians thought the war was over for that year, returned to their capital at Sardis, and dispersed the national levy. The separate cultural areas on the plateau are as yet barely understood by the modern archaeologist in any terms other than through the painted pottery assemblages found at several sites throughout Iran.

The plane reportedly was seized by the DEA in March We have been able to deny involvement with individuals and organizations accused of drug smuggling. The Somoza family also controlled the PLN, which in turn controlled the legislature and judicial system, thus giving Somoza absolute power over every sphere of Nicaraguan politics.

The MFR indicated that Fiers was contacted by telephone during the meeting and reportedly stated that Agency policy was that persons such as Hyde could be used in the Contra program if there were no ongoing investigations of wrongdoing or no outstanding indictments.

The convictions ofNorth three counts of obstruction of justice, misleading Congress, and acceptingan illegal gratuity and Poindexter five counts of conspiracy, obstruction ofCongress, and false statements were overturned on appeal because they had.

Artaxerxes was poisoned by his physician at the order of the eunuch Bagoas. That revolution witnessed the development of settled village agricultural life based firmly on the domestication of plants and animals. The relationship with Hyde, the cable asserted, was "an overt, commercial transaction of short duration" similar to other commercial dealings CIA had, and it would be inappropriate to conduct an in-depth security questioning.

Xerxes then turned his attention westward to Greece. How quickly people forget This initiated an inherently weak presidency—hardly a formidable obstacle to Somoza as he set about building his personal influence over Congress and the ruling Liberal Party.

Independent CounselLawrence Walsh later wrote: In all periods Elam was closely involved with Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyriasometimes through peaceful trade but more often through war.

There is every reason to assume, however, that future excavations will reveal Lower Paleolithic habitation in Iran. But the founder of Persian power was forced to turn east late in his reign to protect that frontier against warlike tribes who were themselves in part Iranians and who threatened the plateau in the same manner as had the Medes and the Persians more than a millennium earlier.

Further, according to the DEA memorandum, an aircraft of the prime contractor had been seized at a Colombian airstrip in January along with " tons of marijuana. The coming of the Iranians Though isolated groups of speakers of Indo-European languages had appeared and disappeared in western Iran in the 2nd millennium bc, it was during the Iron Age that the Indo-European Iranians rose to be the dominant force on the plateau.

InPoindexter was convicted on several felony counts of conspiracylying to Congress, obstruction of justiceand altering and destroying documents pertinent to the investigation. Dynamic political evolution is taking place inside Iran.

These people "were playing to an audience," the officer adds, wanting to make sure the Agency would be protected in case the congressional intelligence oversight committees "came calling.

On December 24,outgoingpresident George Bush pardoned former secretary of defense Caspar Weinbergerand five other defendants, asserting that it was time for the country to move on. I also recall that the subject was highly controversial.

It is clear that trends that began in the late Neolithic Period continued in the millennia that followed and that the rugged, broken landscape of the Iranian plateau forced people into a variety of relatively isolated cultures.

Of the two the Medes were the more widespread and, from an Assyrian point of view, the more important group. Further, according to Customs, the aircraft was sold that same year by Markair to "a large scale.

The Nicaraguan Canal was an issue of public debate and some controversy.

Iran-Contra, October Surprise and Reagan's Wrongs

ABC news had been predicting a point Sandinista victory. After apparently convincing the Babylonians that they had nothing to fear from Persia, he turned against the Lydians under the rule of the fabulously wealthy Croesus. Both agencies, he said, gave glowing reports concerning Palmer and indicated that he had worked with them on sting operations.

The Iron Age itself is divided into three periods: He remembers receiving "mixed signals" from Headquarters in regard to the relationship with Hyde There was a lot of pressure from Fiers and DCI Casey to get the "job done," as he recalls, but there were also low level Agency "functionaries" who were mainly concerned with following procedures.

A CIA officer recalls that it was not standard practice at the time to conduct traces concerning individuals or companies that were overtly supplying commercial services to CIA. Cyrus I may have been the king of Persia who appears in the records of Ashurbanipal swearing allegiance to Assyria after the devastation of Elam in the campaigns of — bc, though there are chronological problems involved with this equation.

An ex-CIA senior official, he was indicted in November on seven counts of perjury and false statements relating to a November shipment to Iran. The outstanding event of this period was the virtual conquest of Elam by Shulgi of the 3rd dynasty of Ur c.

He also said that a decision had been made at that time that the president should have no further contact with Palmer. According to the notes, the Deputy Chief "reluctantly" said that she thought that the detailee was confused and that he was a "major stumbling block" concerning traces and that the detailee was "unable to distinguish between Agency and external traces" and that he believed there was "no need to trace people.

The Iran-Contra Affair was a clandestine action not approved of by the United States Congress.

Presidency of Ronald Reagan

It began inwhen President Ronald Reagan's administration supplied weapons to Iran¹ — a sworn enemy — in hopes of securing the release of American hostages held in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists loyal to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran's leader.

The United States quickly suspended aid to Nicaragua and expanded the supply of arms and training to the Contra in neighbouring Honduras, as well as allied groups based to the south in Costa Rica. President Reagan called the Contras "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers.".

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The program reached its peak in March when it delivered overpounds of material to Aguacate, Honduras, on 11 chartered flights from the United States. The last NHAO flights were in June and the program officially ended in October The United States has closed the largest number of farms since the s.

Overproduction of grain in the world pushed prices down, and today they are half compared to. Exclusive: As Iran's oil exports surge, international tankers help ship its fuel (June - Iran, Oil, and the Persian Gulf) Iran oil exports to South Korea rise tobpd after sanctions lifted - Shana (May - Sanctions on Iran).

Like the United States, Israel cemented its relationship with Iran by the exchange of arms for oil, which both sides kept alive through the worst of the OPEC oil embargo. The Iranian arms market was worth at least $ million a year to Israel.

The details of the iran contra affair and its impact on the united states
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