The lackawanna cutoff

Instead, the route went north from Port Morris, New Jersey, and turned west near Roseville for an arrow-straight shot right into Pennsylvania. The fills could have been taken away. Free wireless connection, guest computer and printer available. The railroad's flagship passenger train, the Phoebe Snowtraveled via the Cut-Off until it was discontinued in Novemberand the last regularly scheduled passenger train the Lake Cities ran over the line in early January Lackawanna Railroad Collection Steamtown National Historic Site Archives The new line had been in the planning stages for over a decade when construction began in Turco said he wanted to acquire the short section so that he could expand a nursing home operation that abutted the roadbed.

In a mile and a half, cross over the right- of-way of the former Lehigh and Hudson River Railway. In the rails were pulled although after an effort to preserve the right-of-way for future commuter rail use in saved it from an uncertain future.

Rumblings in the Railroad Earth

The new alignment, which replaced the "Old Road" which was the result of hopeful merger with the Central Railroad of New Jersey that never happenedbroke away from the main line initially heading north, then west. Turco said he wanted to acquire the short section so that he could expand a nursing home operation that abutted the roadbed.

We conclude with two of several documents salvaged from the abandoned Port Morris Tower in There are open manholes and no barriers at the rail bed edges feet above; people have been seriously injured and lives have been lost.

NJ transit has installed new crossovers just east of Landing station. It was the last passenger train in the twentieth century—and the only Amtrak train—to operate over the entire route.

Several attempts were made to purchase the line from Conrail, which was concerned that a competitor that might try to restore freight service on the route. We tried to be consistent with our before and after theme, but "before" photographs of some of these locations would be extremely difficult to find, if not impossible.

In addition to these corporations, Turco created holding companies to oversee these other corporations: Savino Last Updated June 28, These efforts proved to be in vain as the last mainline trackage was removed from the Cut-Off at Port Morris on October 5, Although there were public efforts to acquire the line, Conrail, concerned about competition, declined and officially abandoned the project, tearing up the tracks in By the time Conrail assumed control of the route in the spring of virtually no online traffic remained and the railroad made plans to abandon the route, despite its level grade.

At the intersection of County Rd. At the stop sign, proceed straight onto County Rd. Perhaps the most impressive of the lending remnants is Lake Lackawanna, where material was removed for the creation of Lubber Run Fill, from Hopatcong Mountain over the Musconetcong tributary, near the eastern end of the Cut-Off.

In AprilU.

Lackawanna Cut-Off Restoration Project

It would take nearly three-and-a-half years to replace the old circuitous and slow route that brought trains through places like Bridgeville, Oxford, Manunka Chunk and Delaware. The boxcar-cum-storage shed is positioned near the location of the old freight house.

Even so, if you approach a fill on a Sunday afternoon, you are sure to notice the drone of ATVs and motorbikes buzzing along the top of the embankment. Built of native rough stone with cement trimming, it featured a green glazed tile roof and an oak and plaster interior that included a ticket office, main hall and baggage room.

Railroad east to west is right to left in this photo.

Lackawanna Cut-Off

The old main turned southwest towards Netcong, Hackettstown, and Washington. As of the first 7. Atlantic City gambling interests also opposed restoring rail service over the Cut-Off, fearing renewed passenger service would provide a "Gambler's Express" to not-as-yet-built casinos in the Poconos that might compete with the nascent casinos of the Jersey Shore.

In AprilU. Touring the Lackawanna Cutoff By Don Barnickel, Paula Williams.

Lackawanna Cut-Off

Considered by many to be the most scenic rail line in New Jersey, the Lackawanna Cut-Off was the last mainline to be built in the state (it was opened in ). The Lackawanna Cutoff, also known as the New Jersey Cutoff (as most of the route lies in New Jersey), was one of two grand realignment projects carried out by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the very early 20th century.

Touring the Lackawanna Cutoff

Working from east to west the Cutoff was built between and at a cost of $11 million. Lackawanna Cut-Off video series - Part Roadways Under and Over the Cut-Off. In this segment, you get to ride "shot gun" in a guided tour along the roads between Port Morris, NJ and Slateford Junction, PA--a real time journey of almost two hours over 54 miles of roadways--to see all the public crossings (bridges, underpasses, and proposed grade crossings) on the mile line.

To this day, the great Lackawanna Cutoff, or the New Jersey Cutoff, is considered to be an engineering marvel. At the time of its construction in the early 20th century, it was engineered for unprecedented speed and efficiency - no corners would be cut in the construction of this.

Eight new stations were supposed to be built along the former Lackawanna Cutoff, but construction has yet to begin on the first stop. In Northern New Jersey, nearly every county is served by NJ TRANSIT commuter rail stations.

Touring the Lackawanna Cutoff

The Lackawanna Cutoff Restoration Project began in Since then, approximately miles of new railroad track has been placed by New Jersey Transit between Port Morris and the site of a new.

The lackawanna cutoff
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Lackawanna Cutoff