Write a number sentence to match the ten frame

Students match tens frames to appropriate number sentence on cards.

Write Number One

Interactive Decomposing Game I used this decomposing game last year and my kinders loved it. I emphasized that they would use two colors of Snap Cubes so that they would be able to see the individual rolls.

Decomposing Teen Numbers

Write four sentences using the some of the digraph words. For this activity, students spin the spinner and count how many in all and write an equation. Show it 3 Ways To be a mathematical expert, you must be a fluent thinker or be able to solve the same problem multiple ways.

Mystery Bag is a counting activity that gets students moving and counting. Just dip and color and it looks like watercolors. Once again, they can place the counters in plastic sandwich bags so you can easily distribute the materials when the time comes to do so.

Lucy picked up the die and rolled a 5. Player A passes the die to Player B. Decomposing Teen Numbers February 19, Hi, there. Students decompose teen numbers by showing it as ten and some ones.

Rewrite the proper nouns correctly. Color according to the code. Circle a group of ten fish. Ask a student volunteer to help you model the game for the class. If necessary the teacher gives the appropriate number sentence e. I wrote 4, 8, 12 on the easel, then asked him what he would do next.

Practice- Each practice section lists three types of actives that pari well with the lesson. I will also have a brown bag and a 3x5 card for every set of partners in my room.

Ten Frames Tens and Ones- Fill in the ten frame to show each number. Enjoy these game screenshots. For this activity, students decompose teen numbers 3 ways.

Addition Number Sentences

Use the color code to color the 9 count rod to show 9 different ways to make 9. Then I would like you to add up the numbers to make sure they equal the number of counters on your game board. Inches- Estimate how long each line is and then measure.

Count everyone in line 19 How many students do we need to have join the 19 that are already in line. Writing Strips I love these writing strips. Groups of Tens and Ones: Keeping reading to learn instructional strategies and activities you can use in your classroom as well as grab the FREEBIE at the bottom of this post.

I can see what numbers she rolled each time by the color of the Snap Cubes. Works with the following word families: She seemed a little impatient about the amount of time we were spending counting back.

November NO PREP Math and Literacy (Kindergarten)

They flip a number card and build it using base 10 blocks, write an equation or number sentence and share their work with their partner. I ask Seth to snap the fourteen cubes together as I snapped eleven together.

I think we will be doing these all January. Cut and paste the missing turkeys in each row. Writing Strip 2 — Students write the missing teen numbers. Students stop playing when all columns are filled. Fill in the missing CVC word according to your roll.

I decided to get the cubes out to help Lucy and others make sense of counting on and counting back. They build that number in the empty ten frame. They count how many dots they see in all and write a number sentence and an equation. If a student has to count to figure out how many dots are in the truck, ask them to tell you what they know about a full ten frame (they should say it is 10).

These ten-frame worksheets include blank ten-frames, as well as ten-frame addition and subtraction activities. Write four math facts shown by each ten frame. Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Double Ten-Frame Fact Families (Up to 20) addition, subtraction, and number patterns.

Skip Counting. Learn to skip count by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, 25s. Ten Frames - Numbers Count and write the number. Worksheet 1 - Download Number Number – Comparing Number – Greater & Smaller Number – Ordinal Numbers Number Chart Number Coloring Number Counting Numbers – Before & After Numbers – Count and.

Content tagged with ten frames. Use the ten frame boxes to solve the problems. Write a number sentence to match the answer. Sally has 5 coins.

Using Tens Frames to Build the Addition and Subtraction Facts to Ten

Sally needs 12 coins to buy the doll she wants. How many more coins does Sally need to buy her doll? _____ Tommie collected 8 stones. Tommie’s mother gave him 4 more stones.

Decomposing Teen Numbers

Build the number on the ten frames and complete the number sentence. *Center Number Watermelon Place Value Ten Frames-Color the correct number of squares on the ten frames.

Record the value of each set in tens and ones on the recording sheet.4/5().

Write a number sentence to match the ten frame
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Using Tens Frames to Build the Addition and Subtraction Facts to Ten | nzmaths