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Further, he planned to invade Italy and rally the people not only to expel Napoleon but to set up a constitutional monarchy. In the military department, he abolished the system of double batta.

Bentinck in Sicily[ edit ] As conditions in Sicily began to deteriorate at the beginning of the 19th century, England began worrying about its interests in the Mediterranean.

During those days opium was produced in Central India and was sent to China from Karachi.

Judicial reforms in ancient India: An overview

In the same year he served on the staff of the Duke of York in the Netherlands. Both the public and the Judges were ignorant of Persian.

Robert Merttins Bird, one of the ablest officers in the Indian service, and brought to a completion in nine years, was an enormous improvement on the previous state of things. During the latter part of his government Bentinck's health became seriously impaired, and he was spending the hot season on the Nilgiris, the mountain sanatorium of the Madras presidency, when the change in the constitution of the supreme government took effect in India.

His social reforms such as abolition of sati and prevention of child sacrifice eradicated age old evils from Hindu society 3. He appointed commissions to investigate the expenditure, both civil and military. Early career The second son of the 3rd duke of Portland, Bentinck at age 17 received a commission as ensign in the Coldstream Guards, and by he had become a lieutenant colonel.

The ideas found therein and the small taste of freedom lingered in the memories of the Sicilians and had an influence on the desire for autonomy that was at the base of the Sicilian revolutions of and The constitutional experiment was deemed a failure although it cannot be said to be his alone.

There he reluctantly signed an armistice with Joachim Murat ; whom he personally detested as being a man whose "whole life had been a crime," yet whom Britain found it expedient to detach from his brother-in-law, Napoleonby guaranteeing his Kingdom of Naples in return for an alliance.

Toward the end of his career, he had lost the impetuosity that had characterized his earlier years in Sicily and the tactlessness that had appeared when he first held office in Madras.

Reforms Made by Lord William Bentick

The state budget showed a deficit of one million rupees. He had gathered a lot of evidence, especially from the ancient Hindu scriptures and law books called the shastras, to show that sati was not obligatory and was in fact the least virtuous act a widow could perform.

Bentinck was held responsible and was recalled from his post in Bentinck was greatly distressed when he received a report of cases of sati in a single year and that from Bengal.

Killing of girl babies was pretty common in those days and it was mostly popular among the Rajput. The common impression is that, although he left it to his successor, Sir Charles Metcalfe, to pass the law which formally conferred freedom upon the Indian press, he fully shared the opinions upon which that measure was founded, and it is certainly true that during Bentinck's government there was no sort of interference in Bengal with the liberty of the press; but it is nevertheless the fact that in one of his latest minutes, written on 13 Marchwhen he was on the point of leaving India, he described the spread of knowledge and the operations of the press as among the dangers which threatened British rule in India.

Like many other members of his family, Lord William was also a politician. Lord Bentinck was a compassionate leader and administrator. They had no children.

But this money went on accumulating as no proper arrangement could Prior to the arrival of Bentick a great controversy was going on regarding the medium of education in the schools and colleges.

Bentinck's views in regard to the Indian press would seem either to have been misunderstood, or to have varied at different periods. The civil and criminal appeals were heared in this court. On 22 September Bentinck, with the sanction of Lord Wellington, re-embarked with the troops under his command for Sicily, influenced, it would seem, partly by apprehensions of an invasion of that island by Murat, and partly by some expectation of concluding a treaty with the latter, who at that time was coquetting with the allies, but whom Bentinck to the last regarded with distrust.

Due to his failure in Afghanistan he was recalled in In his report, Macaulay emphasized the promotion of European literature and science through English medium to the people of India. On the other hand it is to be said that the outbreak at Vellore had been preceded by remonstrances on the part of the native troops, which ought to have received greater attention from the government.

In he served in the Battle of Corunna and by had been appointed envoy to the Court of the Two Sicilies. Even today, the famous Cubbon Park in Bangalore city has been named after him to remind his services to Mysore Cachar and Jaintia 1. Roy petitioned the government, published pamphlets, and travelled to England to appeal before the British Parliament to ensure the ban on sati.

Abolition of Sati 1. In the 19th century, the ritual of sati pratha was dominantly practised in Bengal. He determined to abolish this practice which he considered an offence against natural justice.

Following reforms were introduced by Lord William Bentinck: The first reform done was to abolish the Provincial Courts of Appeal and Circuit Courts altogether. This was done by a regulation passed in Reforms of Lord William Bentinck • Covered only a short span of seven years, it saw a period of enduring reforms • They may be classified as financial, administrative, social and educational.

Financial Reforms 1. When Bentinck assumed the Governor-General ship inthe financial position of. Lord William Bentinck served as Governor General of India between to His tenure is known for the social reforms such as Abolition of Sati inSuppression of Thugi, and Suppression of Infanticide etc.

English was introduced as a medium of higher education on the advice of his council member, Thomas Babington Macaulay. Lord William Bentinck was born in London, the second son of the 3rd Duke of Portland.

He was educated at Rev. Dr Samuel Goodenough's school in Ealing, before moving on to Westminster School. After completing his education, he embarked on a military career, moving swiftly up the ranks on account of.

Lord William Bentinck: His Economic, Administrative, Social and Educational Reforms.

Reforms Made by Lord William Bentick

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Write about the reforms of lord william bentinck
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